Content Marketing Secrets to Attract, Convert and Retain More Customers


Do you want to attract more qualified leads who are educated about your product or service and eager to learn more? Do you wish you had better ways to nurture your existing leads to create more new customers? Are you looking for strategies to retain customers for longer, more profitable relationships? Content Marketing can help you accomplish it all!

Content Marketing involves promoting high quality, free content such as ebooks, blog articles, videos, podcasts and more to attract an audience around your brand and build the trust necessary to turn them into leads and loyal customers.

We’re teaching all the skills you need to plan and execute an effective content marketing strategy in our live workshop for entrepreneurs on Tuesday, July 26 at 12:00 P.M. PDT.

In this free, interactive workshop, ONTRAPORT’s Director of Product Engagement Rochelle Yoshida will show you how to define your target audience, craft a message that will resonate with them, create content they’ll find engaging, and promote it effectively so that they can find it!

Click the link below to register in advance today, and we’ll also send our helpful ebook “SEO Basics: The Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs” to kickstart your content marketing efforts.

In this 45-minute workshop, you’ll learn:

• How to capture your leads’ contact info in exchange for high-value, relevant content so you can grow a huge list of potential customers.
• Tips for sharing content with your leads over time to impress them, win their trust, and convert them into paying customers.
• Secrets for using content to add value for your existing customers so they’ll stay with your company longer and buy more.
• Strategies for expanding your audience to increase brand awareness and establish thought leadership.

Join us Tuesday, July 26 at 12:00 P.M. PDT for a live interactive workshop via YouTube Live Stream. To register, click the link below and reserve your spot, and we’ll also send our helpful ebook to kickstart your content marketing efforts, “SEO Basics: The Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs.”

On the day of the workshop, we’ll send you a link to join in the livestream. Until then, enjoy your free ebook, and prepare all your content marketing questions for our live Q&A session.
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  • Tuesday Jul 26, 2016
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