March in Santa Barbara against Trump! Saturday, 1PM


Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States and the Republicans will control the House of Reps, Senate and Supreme Court. Trump has already promised to deport our families, build a larger wall of death, attack the working class, further criminalize people of color, criminalize a woman's right to an abortion, attack Muslims, LGBT and much more! It is our time as a movement to unite and fight back against Donald Trump and what he wants to do to this country!

PODER Santa Barbara is calling on ALL organizations and individuals that stand against injustice, against racism, against imperialist war, against fascism, against sexism to JOIN TOGETHER to march to show Trump that Santa Barbara will not allow his racist/fascist attacks on the working class! Our central message at this action is for us to educate and ORGANIZE in our communities and to prepare for self-defense because we know that Trump's attacks are coming! There will be MANY organizations present at this action and we call on ALL of you to join an organization so you can help to advance the movement against the fascist Trump administration.

Please message us to endorse this action. Thanks! See you all on Saturday morning! Please help to spread the word about this action by inviting your contacts to this event page and sharing it on your wall! Thank you!

The march will start at De La Guerra Plaza in DT SB, march down State St to Dolphin statue, then turning right on Cabrillo and ending at Pershing Park. Bring your banners, posters, flags that represent your countries and movements!! Join the march!!
  • De La Guerra Plaza
    700 De La Guerra Plz, Santa Barbara
  • Saturday Nov 12, 2016
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